THE offer with a price advantage for you – the Dermifant® Prevent Starter Set with all 5 products in original size:

  • Dermifant® Prevent FACE CREAM 50 ml
  • Dermifant® Prevent BODY MILK 200 ml
  • Dermifant® Prevent BODY BUTTER 10 x 10 ml
  • Dermifant® Prevent BATH & SHAMPOO 200 ml
  • Dermifant® Prevent DIAPER CREAM 100 ml
  • + 1 plush dermifant for free! (Plush dermifant while stocks last)

Dermifant® Prevent Starter Set – Your advantages:

  • Safety and protection from the start – for babies at risk of allergies
  • Baby-friendly textures: ultra-gentle and quickly absorbed
  • Without fragrances, colourings and preservatives, natural, plant-based allergens as well as the 328 most common allergy-triggering substances according to the German Contact Allergy Group.
  • Without silicones, paraffins, mineral oils and microplastics
  • Increase your baby’s chances of a life without allergies!