THE diaper cream for sensitive, allergy-prone baby skin, specially developed for babies & kids from allergy-suffering families.

  • The unique formulation reliably protects the particularly sensitive diaper area from wetness. Zinc oxide binds moisture, has an anti-irritant and antimicrobial effect
  • Valuable ingredients such as jojoba oil and squalane protect against irritation and redness.
  • THE diaper cream with panthenol and bisabolol soothes, prevents soreness and diaper dermatitis
  • Without fragrances, colourings and preservatives, parabens as well as natural, plant allergens (e.g. calendula) and the 328 most common allergy-triggering substances according to the German Contact Allergy Group.
  • Without silicones, paraffins, mineral oils and microplastics
  • Excellent skin tolerance tested on allergic skin
  • Recommended by paediatricians and midwives. Scientifically proven