Dermifant® Prevent
For sensitive, allergy-prone baby skin

Allergy prevention begins with babies from the first day of life: sensitive, allergy-prone baby skin needs allergen-free care that strengthens the skin barrier right from the start!

Dermifant® Prevent makes baby’s delicate skin more resistant thanks to skin-identical ingredients, moisturises and is free from natural, plant-based allergens such as calendula and without the 328 most common allergy-triggering substances of the German Contact Allergy Group.

Dermifant® Prevent protects, cleanses and cares for your little miracle from head to toe – right from the start.

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Dermifant® Basic Therapy
for neurodermatitis, itching and dry skin

Neurodermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease associated with severe itching. It often begins in infancy and toddlerhood, but rarely before the age of 3 months. Neurodermatitis sufferers have a disorder of the skin’s barrier function.

In the treatment of neurodermatitis, the basic therapy plays a very decisive role. Basic treatment is the regular care of the skin with creams without active ingredients (e.g. without cortisone). It serves to stabilise the skin barrier and is an indispensable part of the neurodermatitis therapy.

Dermifant® Basic Therapy was specially developed for the care of dry baby and children’s skin with neurodermatitis and itching.

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