Allergy and atopic dermatitis risk:
every 3rd baby is affected!

Approximately 800,000 babies are born in Germany every year. 30% of the babies have an increased risk of developing atopic dermatitis and allergies due to a hereditary predisposition.

Allergies and atopic dermatitis are inherited

You as a parent suffer from allergies or atopic dermatitis? Due to this hereditary predisposition, your baby unfortunately has a high risk of developing atopic dermatitis or allergies already in the first weeks and months. This risk can be up to 80%!

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Allergie- und Neurodermitis-Risiko: jedes 3. Baby ist betroffen!

The good news: atopic dermatitis and allergies can be prevented

Even if there is a predisposition to allergies and atopic dermatitis, the disease does not necessarily have to break out. And even if there are signs of these so-called atopic diseases, preventive measures can delay and mitigate the course.

Take precautions now!

How? By giving your baby, from the very beginning, the care that protects its sensitive and allergy-prone skin in a special way.

An effective, holistic precautionary concept with the right, allergen-free skin cleansing and care like Dermifant® Prevent can prevent allergies and atopic dermatitis.

That is why midwives and pediatricians recommend Dermifant® Prevent.

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Die gute Nachricht: Neurodermitis und Allergien kann man vorbeugen
Dermifant® Prevent für sensible, allergie-gefährdete Babyhaut

Dermifant® Prevent for sensitive,
allergy-prone baby skin

THE right care is crucial in allergy and atopic dermatitis prevention. It can strengthen the skin barrier and make the delicate baby skin more resistant to harmful influences.

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Free from mineral oil, microplastics, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, allergens.

Dermifant® Prevent was developed by DERMIFANT® in collaboration with leading dermatologists and pediatricians specifically to strengthen sensitive, allergy-prone baby skin. The gentle, baby-friendly formulations are free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives, parabens, silicones, kerosenes mineral oils and microplastics, as well as completely free of natural, plant-based allergens (e.g. calendula) and the 328 most common allergy-causing substances of the German Contact Allergy Group.

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